Here you can find our sample wildlife tours in Colombia!

The OMT defines the importance and benefits of wildlife as follows:

  • Species are connected in a way the disappearance of one species could influence several others.
  • Promoting wildlife conservation helps to secure future food supplies.
  • Many of the drugs available were originally developed from microbial organisms, plants, and animals.
  • Healthy ecosystem preserve the quantity and quality of fresh water accessible to humans.
  • Ecotourism offers a great stimulus for local economies. It also provides cultural and psychological goods to people.
  • Wildlife is important as environmental Indicators of healthy ecosystems and global processes.
  • Studying wildlife is a valuable learning experience for students of all ages.

Wildlife tourism in Colombia encompasses segments such as birdwatching, whale watching, safari tours and mountain tourism among others. Our tours occur in protected areas as national parks, sanctuaries and reserves.

Colombia wildlife represents its biodiversity and its complex ecological system, and defines the country as an important hotspot of biodiversity in the world.

However it remains as a major concern the wildlife conservation in Colombia. Climate change and human activities as cattle raising, mining, poaching and illegal trafficking, are just few of the multiple risks that menace wildlife in Colombia.

Growing conscience through education, sustainable practices and improved wildlife management, can help wildlife and biodiversity protection. In turn, tourism can be successful and strategic economic activity for the local development of regions, as well as for the conservation of nature.

Our tours are committed with the conservation of local species, the conservation of natural areas and the economic development of the local people. We are against illegal wildlife trafficking and animal abuse.

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