Birding in Colombia

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Colombia, with 20% of the birds of the world, is a high potential destination to attract international tourists. As a tourism activity, Birdwatching in Colombia started around 30 years ago. Foreign travel agencies carried it out.
After the peace agreement signment in 2016, tourism became safe and accessible. Nowadays, the country is open up to national and international visitors.
The Colombian government expanded initiatives to strengthen and promote quality and sustainable tourism. Even so, birdwatching tourism in Colombia is still an emergent industry.
So, stable electricity, hot water for showering, or restaurant services at 5 a.m. or before, are still difficult to find. Regarding to guidance services, specialized and bilingual local guides are still few.
Roads and hotel infrastructure still needs improvement in many regions. Some of the best birding spots are still difficult to access places. 
Still, many roads collapse during the rainy season. Flight availability is deficient and subject to high weather variability in some regions. Also, luggage is limited.
Thus, the service which increases the most a travel in Colombia is transportation.
Yet, people in Colombia are improving services and facilities for birdwatchers. Together, we are envisioning high quality birdwatching trips. Also, with a sustainable vision that include and develop the local economies.