Insular Region

“The Insular Region of Colombia is very diverse, since it is made up of islands in the two oceans”

The Colombian insular system is composed of a series of islands and cays of different origin and composition that emerge in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It comprehends around 21 continental and oceanic islands, four located at the Pacific Ocean and 17 located at the Caribbean Sea. On these maritime areas Colombia exercises jurisdiction in an approximate area of ​​928.660 km2, where 589.160 km2 correspond to the Caribbean and 339.500 km2 to the Pacific.

Despite its small surface, it is a very diverse region, since it is made up of islands in the two oceans. The most important archipelagos are the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia in the Caribbean Sea and the islands of Gorgona, Gorgonilla and Malpelo, in the Pacific Ocean. Climate differs between the two archipelagos, while the Caribbean insular region is characterized by defined periods of rain and by its dry climate, the Pacific insular region instead is mostly jungle, humid and with permanent rains, which makes it profusely rich in flora and fauna.

Insular Region - Pacific

The marine environment around the Caribbean islands is a favorable environment that serves as a refuge for the formation of coral structures, due to the warm and crystalline waters, making this place optimal for diving among the coral reefs in Colombia. In the Pacific Ocean, the conditions are unfavorable for the formation and development of coral reefs, due to minor and unstable salinity, greater depth, greater turbidity and higher tides. Because of this, the coral reefs here have smaller extension, and have a lower number of species compared to the Caribbean. However, the magic of the Pacific is in the whales and sharks.

Every year, between July and November, humpback whales from the Antarctic reach the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific to mate and give birth to their offspring. Malpelo is also the perfect home of the famous hammerhead shark. You can visit these islands for whale watching or to get a dive with the sharks.

Hammerheads Schooling by Thomas Kotouc at Malpelo
Insular Region - Caribbean

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