Pacific Region

“The Biogeographic Chocó Forest”

The tight fringe of the south American territory which has around 175.000 square kilometers, equivalent to the 2% of the earth surface, and which holds nearly the 10% of the planet biodiversity, it is known as the biogeographical Choco. This region includes territories from Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, and possess the best conserved natural environments in America.

The Pacific region receives the influence of 2 oceans with very different characteristics. In one side, the Pacific Ocean cold, open and deep, on the other side, the Caribbean Sea warm and closed. Its special biological richness is given by several factors, the most important of them is that it is the point of union between North America and South America, becoming the corridor with the major exchange of the species in the evolutionary history of the earth.

Another two important factors are the rising of the Western Mountain range, caused by the intense volcanic activity, which left this region isolated from the rest of tropical forests and, the confluence of the trade winds coming from the north and the south loaded with high humidity, turning this place in one of the rainiest areas of the world, with averages above 10000 mm per year.

There is a high variety of ecosystems in this region, you can find páramos, cloud forest tropical rainforest, mangroves, swamps, rocky seaboards, and extensive beaches. All of them are the habitat of an infinity of species, many of them endemic, which through their multiple interactions constitute a real natural paradise in Colombia.

Transport inside the region is made principally with intermunicipal buses, private transportation and some cases by boat. The principal airports are placed in the main cities and capitals of this region:
– Valle:

  • Cali / Palmira: International Airport Alfonso Bonilla
  • Cartago: National Airport Santa Ana
  • Buenaventura: National Airport Buenaventura
  • Tuluá: National Airport Farfán


  • Pasto National Airport Antonio Nariño
  • Tumaco National Airport La Florida
  • Ipiales National Airport San Luis Ipiales
  • Tumaco National Airport Tumaco


  • Nuquí National Airport Reyes Murillo
  • Quibdó National Airport El Caraño
  • Bahía Solano National Airport José Celestino Mutis
  • Condoto National Airport Mandinga

Bird fairs and festivals

You can visit Colombia participating of bird festivals and birdwatching activities during the festivals, which are offered during the whole year and at different regions of the country. These activities promote environmental education, the development of the local communities and birds’ associations, the Colombian natural destinations and conservation projects for the region.

  • Colombia Bird Fair in February – Cali
The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
Baudo Oropendola (Psarocolius cassini) at Santa Cecilia, Risaralda, Colombia
Black-bellied Plover - Pluvialis squatarola - Bahía Solano, Chocó

To Offer

  • Serranía del Darien
  • Bahía solano
  • Natural National Park Utria
  • San Cipriano Natural Reserve
  • Buenaventura
  • Puracé volcano
  • Munchique
  • Gorgona Island.
  • Guapi
  • Mulatos
  • Parque nacional natural Sanquianga
  • Tumaco

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