Orinoquía Region

“Orinoquia Region: The land of cowboys and infinite horizons”

The Orinoco River Basin, also known as “Orinoquia,” is an ecosystems complex that comprises a total area of 1,080,000 square kilometers, of which 29% is placed in Colombia. The variety of landscapes across this region includes Andean mountains, open savannas, tropical forest and floodplains and marshlands.

The Andean Orinoquia is distributed along the Eastern mountain range of Colombia, the high mountain front reaches more than 4000 m / 13123.36 ft and its base is defined by the piedmont topography. The piedmont is a unique and transitional physical and geographical area covered by tropical humid forest which holds a vast array of plant and animal species.

The Orinoco plains or llanos are perfect for wildlife safaris and cowboy experiences in Colombia. The area comprises more than 500,000 square kilometers of Quaternary sediments, affected by seasonal flooding. There are four types of vegetation: riparian forests, dry savannas, wet savannas, and swamps, which are refugee of many aquatic and semiaquatic animals.

The variation in landscape, and the huge ecosystem diversity gives to the Orinoquia region an astonishing biological and cultural diversity, being one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity in the world, and one of the most interesting natural destinations in Colombia.

Transport inside the region is made principally with intermunicipal buses and private transportation. The principal airports are placed in the main capitals of this region:

  • Yopal:  National Airport El Alcabaran, it can receive large aircraft, and there are charter flights. The airport is under discussion to become International.
  • Villavicencio: National Airport La Vanguardia, it can receive medium-sized aircraft. The airport can receive regularly large cargo planes.
  • Puerto Carreño: National Airport Germán Olano, it can receive medium and small aircraft.
  • Arauca: National Airport Santiago Perez Quiroz, it can receive small aircraft, and there are charter flights.Private airports.

Bird fairs and festivals

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The Orinoco goose (Neochen jubata)
Horned Screamer (Anhima cornuta)

To Offer

  • Yopal & Trinidad or San Luis de Palenque.
    Here you can find tropical forest below to 1.000 masl, with landscapes of piedmont and plains. There you can meet exotic animals of the plain as capybaras, antbirds, alligators, howling monkeys and several exotic birds of Colombia as the Horned Screamer or the Ringed Kingfisher.
  • Yopal & La Independencia Farm.
    Here you can appreciate the vegetation of Casanare, the variable landscapes and to experience the llanero peasant life. There are hikes to the piedmont near Yopal and creole horse rides through the savannas for wildlife observation at the traditional llanera farm. Here you can enjoy the beautiful llanero dawn and learn to tie horses and herd cattle, while discover the Orinoquia ecosystems.
  • Hato La Aurora
    La Aurora is a livestock of 17,000 hectares located in the plains of Casanare. It became a natural reserve and thanks to the conservation work that has been done there is an abundant wildlife that is easy to observe by doing safari, horseback riding, canoe ride and artisanal fishing, searching for exotic species such as anacondas, bears, palm trees, monkeys, etc., and making wildlife search at night.

Other destinies:

Hato La Palmita

  • Mururito Hotel & Farm – Natural Reserve
    2000 hectares of area along the Manacacias river with a variety of landscapes such as forests, canals, lagoons, savannahs, estuaries and undulated plains. It offers a wide variety of activities for you to explore by hiking, horse ride or canoa ride. From here you can make travels along the Manacacias and Meta rivers to watch dolphins. Birdwatching is also highly recommended at the reserve.
  • Lagos de Menegua Hotel & Bioreserve
    Lagos de Menegua has beautiful lagoons and moriche palm swamps. Here you will find a great diversity of fauna and flora among hills, riparian forests and savannas. You can climb, ride by horse or even drive through the hills by day or night. In the lake you can use kayaks and water bicycles, enjoy the waterfalls and natural pools, or simply enjoy the beautiful llanero sunsets. The hotel also has 3 lakes designed for sport fishing. In these you will find Cachamas, Mojarras, Yamús and Pavones. In addition, it is possible to fish in the Menegua Canal, where you can find Caribes, Payarines and other species of the Colombian Orinoquia.
  • Las Unamas Natural Reserve (Las Pampas Farm)
    The Unamas reserve has a very high strategic importance from the ecological point of view, since it constitutes a marginal transition between the forests of the Amazon and the forests of the Orinoquia. Due to its high degree of conservation, it is the refuge of many native flora and fauna species which do not have place at the surrounding crops of grass and oil palm. It offers a wide variety of activities to explore this highly conserved area by hiking or horse ride. Birdwatching is highly recommended at the reserve.
  • Parque Avestruz
    Here you can learn about the ostrich culture. it is possible to take photographs, videos, touch and feed these exotic birds that can reach up to 3 meters high. You can find ostrich or buffalo meat in burger, chorizo and grilled, as well as different artisanal and medicinal products extracted from ostriches.
  • Cosmogénesis Eco – Lodge
    Cosmogenesis is a place of healing, rest and birdwatching. It offers agroecological experiences, special therapy and training focused on permaculture. It is open to all human beings who seek more harmonious relationships with nature and better spiritual, mental and physical health conditions. Through a process of awareness and implementation of special practices and technologies Cosmogenesis provides the necessary tools to achieve sustainable living systems on four thematic axes: recreational agro-eco-tourism, agroecology, bio-architecture and self-care of health.
  • Rancho Camaná Nature Reserve
    This amazing reserve of 1 hectare is placed 3 kilometers from the town center of Restrepo town, and it is an example of sustainable tourism in the region, first place in environmental responsibility and green business in Meta. It is an agroecological, agritourism, integral and self-sustainable farm focused in conservation and production processes. Here you can find a accommodation in a family environment, agroecological tours, workshops on production systems, restaurant service with local organic foods. Birdwatching at the reserve is easy and you can find around 150 bird species. Piedmont region and Altos del Caney are good trails for birdwatching near to the reserve.
  • Gramalote – Ecologic Farm & Las Mercedes Farm
    If you want to learn how to ride a horse, this is one of the best places in Colombia to do it. You can ride by horse through forests, rivers and savannahs, while observing the landscape of the plains, its flora and fauna. It is also possible to hike through the different landscapes and trails for birdwatching. Here is also possible experience the day-to-day activities of the llanero peasant which includes saddling the horses and learn the details of the horse and its tools, herd the cattle, milking cows and dance joropo.
  • Bavarian Forest & La Bendición Bird lodge
    Bavarian Forest possess the highest bird species number in the area, around 330 species, and it is a tropical humid forest with a small portion of primary and secondary forest in excellent condition. La Bendición Bird lodge is the nearest accommodation place to the area.

Other destinies

National Natural Park Chingaza

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