Welcome to SULA and plan your trip with us! Our goal is to organize a marvelous holiday or round trip in Colombia for that you will never forget, an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Whether you wish to travel around Colombia or have only one special destination in mind, in a personal conversation one of our specialists will be pleased to explain all the sights and various travel options in Colombia. We would like to get to know your preferences and wishes, so that your holiday or your Colombian tour stays in your memory forever.

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Our goal is to bring the real Colombia closer to our customers. That’s why our trips are tailor made. We connect your preferences with the highlights of the country and take you to the most incredible places. Organize your Colombia tour today!

Traveling in La Guajira

We are happy to explain our process to you. As soon as you contact us we will assign you a sales agent and evaluate the information received. We will then contact you and suggest a proposal. Any questions about Colombia tours, destinations, activities etc. can then be discussed.

After we have received all necessary information, we will make you a travel proposal. You can either accept it or continue to modify it with our help until your tour in Colombia has the format you want. After a deposit, we will make all reservations and provide you with the necessary information.

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Our goal is that you travel to Colombia to enjoy a great experience, for which we seek to provide a service that highlights among the rest for its excellence. Our company will find the perfect match between your tastes and aspirations and the incredible destinations in Colombia.

It’s an interesting process that Colombia has had in terms of tourism. Infrastructure has been improved due to the increased numbers of tourists that have visited us, making the country a competitive place in the tourism world market and thus allowing organized and quality tourism in Colombia.