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Trekking and Hiking, Long-Distance Hiking, Mountain Hiking, and Expeditions are increasingly possible in Colombia. This is a top plan in Colombia and an excellent way to get to know the country. Admire the hundreds of landscapes, biodiversity and historic roads of Colombia.

Ecosystems are so varied in Colombia! You will find dense jungles, vast plains, high mountains, deserts and climates of all kinds until 5200m/17060.37ft. Thus, outdoors ativities may vary in time, intensity, difficulty, and experience requirements.


Trekking or Alpine hiking always takes place in the (high) mountains, and implies at least one overnight stay, and several days on duration. Natural parks as Natural National Park Los Nevados or El Cocuy are suitable for this kind of trip.

For demanding longer hikes at high altitudes, such as Nevado del Tolima, acclimatization days are included in the planning.

Medium-distance destinations usually last one week or less days. This trips include components for sightseeing, relaxation and cultural experiences. A good destination is the Coffee region.

Long-distance travel takes an average of 6 to 12 days or more, depending of requirements. An example of it is the Lost City tour.


Long-distance hiking and mountain hiking is independent of the type of landscape, and it takes place in low and high mountains on marked and pathless inclines.

Natural national parks and natural reserves are the best places for hiking trips. Examples of them are El Tayrona in the Caribbean, or Lagos de Menegua Bioreserve in the Eastern Plains.

Nearby destinations, on the other side, can last to one to three days, for example visiting Chicaque Park from Bogotá.


Expeditions are groupal hikes of high demand. Usually, along pathless terrains, and without any type, or very poor, infrastructure. They also special requests and logistics.

This kind of trip has a sporty-adventure character. It requires a good physical condition, as well as the appropriate equipment and guide. Expedition trips are emerging in some remote regions, such as Caquetá, Antioquia or the Amazon.

We promote realism in the travelers when they make the decision to book a trip to Colombia. Remember, in some regions of Colombia there is still a lot to improve regarding to a better infrastructure.