Whale Watching in Colombia: Bahía Solano

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Whale Watching 

Whale watching in Colombia is posible in the Pacific Region. Bahía Solano is a municipality and town placed in the Chocó Department. Bahia, as it is locally known, is an economic and tourist center of coastal Choco. The place provides a plethora of marine activities to the traveller, like scuba diving, sport fishing and whale watching. 18 km away from Bahia Solano, is the beach town of El Valle, Choco, which is the closest community to Ensenada de Utria National Park, located only 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) down the beach.

Humpback whales migrate to areas in the North Pacific Ocean as Bahia Solano in summer, from July to August, when it is possible to observe them with their offspring. This is why those months are the best for whale watching season in Colombia, despite you can find them until October.

Whale watching in the Pacific became an important economic activity for the local people. Our whale watching tour is planned to provide an entertainment and learning experience to the assistant. Additionally, we work for the promotion of responsible tourism with the environment, focused on knowledge of biodiversity and nature conservation. One of our main objectives is the collaboration with local communities and we seek to provide job and learning opportunities for both parties. In this way, an experience of cultural and scientific immersion is offered during your stay in harmony with the environmental conditions.

Humpback whale jumping



  • Tour Dates:
    Open from July to October
  • Tour Type:
    Rivers & Oceans
  • Tour Price:
    Starting at US$250
  • Tour Size:
    up to maximum 5
  • Tour Leader:
    Specialized local guide


Whale watching in Colombia.

The tour begins at 7:00 am, and we sail in search of the animals. The sighting will take place during 3 hours guided by a specialized marine biologist. During the tour, data is taken for scientific research, while you are informed about the process of data collection and the meaning of it. In addition you can hear the songs of the whales live, thanks to the hydrophone that is carried on board. Snacks and drinks are offered during the sighting. If the conditions of the day allow it, a stop is made to practice snorkeling in a safe area where you can appreciate a small part of the great diversity of marine fauna of the Colombian Pacific and hopefully listen to the whales song underwater.

Once the activity is completed, sail to the Mecana beach, located about 20 minutes by boat from the urban area of ​​Bahía Solano. There is a time allocated to enjoy the space, with a beautiful beach, an emerald green river and diversity of fauna and flora, including several species of birds, river otters, crabs, fish and mangrove forests. you will have the opportunity to share with people from the local community, who also offer lunch at the Botanical Garden of the Pacific: a gastronomic experience based on fresh regional products of the best quality. Depending on the tides in Mecana you can visit the mangrove in a boat suitable for it, take a bath in a natural pool of the river, swim on the beach, etc. Around 3:00 pm, we return to the port of Bahía Solano where the tour ends.

  • Habitats Covered:
    Open sea, mangroves and pacific forest.
  • Expected Climate:
    T > 25 ºC and rain is likely on some days.
  • Tour Pace & Walking:
  • Accommodation:
  • Photographic Opportunities: