What to do in and around Jericó, Antioquia?

Known as the “Aldea de Piedras”, name given by the locals of the town. Jericó is on the list of “Network of Colombian Heritage Villages“, when you visit Jericó you will get to know its history and culture, the ecosystems and natural reserves, the gastronomy and local commerce.

In this guide you will have the necessary information to visit this adorable town.

Discovering Jericó

Jericó is in the southeast of the department of Antioquia. Bordered on the north by the municipalities of Tarso and Fredonia, on the east by the municipalities of Fredonia and Támesis; on the south by the municipalities of Támesis, Jardín and Andes and on the west by Andes and Pueblorrico.

Jericó was found in 1850 but there are records of its colonization since 1825. It is located approximately 108 kilometers southeast of Medellin.

The town is known in Colombia for being home to a large number of churches and colorful streets which you will enjoy on your tour.

Bear in mind, the temperature generally ranges from 11 °C (51ºF) to 37 °C (98ºF). The best times of the year to visit Jericho for dry season activities are from mid-May to early July and from early September to late October.

How to get to Jericó

Take a 1,5-hours flight from El Dorado (BOG) in Bogotá to José María Córdova International Airport (MDE) at Rio Negro city.

Once at in Rio Negro you take an approximately 3-hours ride (108 Km) to Jericó.

Where to stay in Jericó

In Jericó you will find numerous accommodation offerings for all budgets and personal tastes; our recommendations for you are:

Jericó Attractions and Activities

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Las Nubes Ecopark

Located 1.3 km away from the center of town with a walk of approximately 22 minutes, at an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level you will be able to appreciate a breathtaking view of the Cauca River canyon.

In this natural reserve is part of the group of families that offer the service of ecological tours where you can meet countless species of fauna and flora.

In the ecopark you will be able to see deer, butterflies, birds, howler monkeys, armadillos, bush dogs, among others. Also, in its more than 4,000 hectares you can find sarros, eucalyptus trees, seven-horned trees and a great variety of ferns.

Tour to La Nohelia

In the company of the guides of La Nohelia you will discover the coffee culture in a tour through a coffee farm. Where you will learn about the whole process of harvesting, washing, drying and roasting of special coffee for the world, and finally you will taste a cup of high quality coffee.

Too you will visit the roasted coffee processing plant where you will learn the process to highlight the attributes of coffee from various growers (coffee growers) of the municipalities of Jericho, PuebloRico and Tamesis.

Cristo Redentor Viewpoint

It is a beautiful monument of white color that adorns the hill of ‘El Salvador’, it was inaugurated in October of 1828. The meaning of the locals is that his raised arms is the silent guardian that protects Jericho.

It was also erected as a protest and reparation, after the destruction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, during the religious persecution in Mexico. It is a worthy expression of faith, hope and goodness.

To get to this point you only have to walk for 10 minutes from the center of town, from there you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the town.

Visit the Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes Cathedral

This beautiful cathedral was built in brick and its most relevant feature is the height of its columns, it has an organ with 1,235 flutes, a crucifix made in 1880 and an oil painting of the Virgin of Las Mercedes, brought to the country in 1850. It is the main temple of the municipal diocese.

In addition you will be able to appreciate a giant poster of the Saint Laura Montoya, having clear that Jericho is the cradle of the believers of the first saint of Colombia.

Museum of Religious Art

This museum is  in the lower part of the cathedral and inaugurated in 1976. It is a place that you will love because it houses and preserves representative elements.

Among the most valuable elements that you will see is a French censer from the end of the 19th century, which belonged to the old cathedral since 1893; A naveta, used to carry incense and the high places of worship, from the 20th century, of French origin; Vestments of Monsignor Francisco Cristóbal Toro and some purple bonetes, used by the bishops in the ceremonies.

You will learn much of the history of the town as the great religious history of Jerico, if you are a devout person it will be a magical experience.

Los Balsos Botanical Garden

The garden includes a butterfly garden, a cactus garden, exhibition spaces, a library and a pond.

It is an ideal place to learn about the flora and fauna present in the town, besides to enjoying the tranquility of the garden.

What do to Around Jericó?

Visiting Támesis

A very beautiful town in the Cartama Valley in the southwestern region of Antioquia, approximately 3 hr from Medellín. It is a town surrounded by a spectacular nature that invites you to stop and enjoy the views of the beautiful landscape green and natural and old houses with typical facades of many colors.

Since Támesis is 25 km from Jericó you must take a 1-hour road trip. In Tamesis you can do adventure activities such as:

Caverns of the San Antonio River

The caverns of the San Antonio River, which have beautiful formations and crystal clear water sources at the bottom. You must keep in mind that to perform this activity you must have change of clothes.

Route of petroglyphs

The route of petroglyphs is located inside an indigenous settlement of the Embera Chamí tribe. There you will be able to learn more about the indigenous culture and customs that are still preserved there.


You can do this activity to appreciate the beautiful landscapes in this sector of the department of Antioquia.


You will be able to make a descent through the Rio Frio in a rubber tire to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Sport fishing

Támesis has La Parcelita, a place where you can do sport fishing.

If you wish you can do several of these activities in one day and return to Jerico. Moreover, if instead you want to stay for a couple of days we recommend Acantos Country Hotel.

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